07. User organizations

Key national organisations contributing to currency design, manufacturing and issuing are:


Data on volumes and costs:

Data on currency management activities of the RBI can be found in its annual report. One such report is available at Annual Report 2013-14 (https://rbi.org.in/scripts/AnnualReportPublications.aspx?Id=1126 ). Some highlights and facts:

  • Expenditure in security printing during 2013-14 (July-June): Rs 32.1 billion (Rs 3210 crore)
  • Banknotes in circulation as of March 2014: 77,330 million pieces
  • Banknotes supplied in FY 2013-14: 20,918 million pieces
  • Banknotes removed from circulation in FY 2013-14: 14,187 million
  • Number of counterfeit notes detected by the banking systems in FY 2013-14: 488,273 pieces  (Rs 500 – 252,269 pieces; Rs 100 – 118,873 pieces; Rs 1000 – 110,035 pieces)

Some more data on currency management activities are available via:

Data (not from original source) on what it costs to make a currency note is available at